Business owners usually send out thank you letters to business partners, vendors, employees and associates. There are several ways to ensure that your letters stand out from the others. You just need to infuse a little bit of creativity in the designing and presentation of your thank-you letter. Making unique business thank you letters is not very difficult; here are five ideas that will help you write outstanding thank you letters.

1. Send thank you notes written on plantable paper. Nowadays many businesses and organizations are focusing on going green and adopting eco-friendly habits and processes. Sending your thank you message printed on plantable paper shows your dedication to save the environment. Make sure that a message indicating that the card is plantable is printed inside; it should also provide the recipient with planting instruction and what they can expect to grow in it.

2. Use golden medallion stickers in your thank you card. Make sure that you don’t reveal the sticker immediately, surprise your recipient by hiding the medallion sticker from first glance. For example if you are sending a thank you letter on a paper then fold it in the middle. Write the thank you note on the front face and paste the sticker on the inside.

3. Use the have a sweet day trick. This means that your thank you card should offer the recipient something sweet like toffees or lollipop. You can decorate the front of the card and write the Thank-you message. At the bottom of the card include a “Have a sweet day” message so that it appears when you are closing. Use tape to attach toffees or hole-punch to attach lollipops to your card.

4. Another creative idea in writing thank you letters is to use artistic borders. The addition of quality artistic borders to a thank you letter can easily make it look unique and give it a special value. You can use borders for the edges or borders that run along the whole margin of a page.

First, you have to search for artistic borders. You can easily buy high quality artistic borders at royalty-free stock images sites like Make sure that the border suits perfectly with the overlook look and feel of the thank you letter.

Create a thank you letter template on your computer or download one from the internet. Print the template with the border and write the message; handwriting the message adds a personal touch to your thank you letter. You can also use the same border for the envelope.

5. Including a gift card with every thank you card you send to your business associates is also a good way to stand out. With a gift card you can offer the recipient discounts of services or products you are offering. You can send a gift card that gives a direct discount of $5 or $10 or something that offers a 5% or 10% discount on all items purchased. Attaching gift cards to your thank you cards has several benefits, it not only makes the recipient happy but also helps you gain more profit. Moreover the person receiving it will certainly talk about it with others, thus promoting your brand.

by Eliza Diaz at Buzzpluz

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