As brand managers, brand strategists and creative directors we must strive to adapt to the buyers behaviors and preferences of the client. Behaviors become particularly important for a successful marketing or nurture programs. These programs assist in accelerating the brand and building buyer preference towards the brand. Cultured loyalties is the best way to ensure future sales. Most people are quick to throw the same nurture program at multiple demographics when one size does not fit all. Each demographic or segment must have a personalized touch for just that group. No longer is it acceptable to use one nurture program for multiple demographics. An article in Inc Magazine this month highlights this with the use of social media platforms.

To ensure efficiency and help improve the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign these next five tips may give you the edge up on your competitors:

1. Broaden Your Horizons: Making an assumption that each drip nurture marketing campaign will work for all segments of your demographic will not serve you well in business practices. In the beginning, sending out one or two emails every week with a few updates will be fine. As time goes on the content in your email marketing should meld into the consumers’ area of interest enough that you begin to develop a trust between your business and the buyer. Tailoring the campaigns and individualizing them will get you recognized and less likely to be overlooked.

2. Diversify: Sticking to one channel of drip marketing can stunt your business growth. Using all avenues will work to your benefit, setting aside a budgeted amount just for this beneficial tactic. Mail marketing and telemarketing are effective tactics that are not being utilized since the Internet has become a daily part of our lives. Text messaging promotions have become quite popular. Multichannel your drip nurture marketing programs. Designing an eye-catching campaign with a link to a microsite with a web contact form will allow you to gain leads to continuing to nurture. Enticing the viewer to learn more in regards to the products and services you offer. Gaining the loyalty of the viewer is key, when the buyer chooses to make the purchase, your business will be first in mind to purchase from. This method is similar to a simple version of drip nurture marketing since the majority of your viewers will receive the same content you will need to up the ante.

3. Peak Their Interest: Data-driven drip nurture marketing campaigns can become an interesting part of marketing. Collect important information from your future prospects such as the industry they are in, or the company size, even their biggest challenges. Creating a database to use when you personalize your marketing campaign, this will help in the customization of your nurturing programs. Incorporating compelling and interesting content personalizing each message to the viewer to enhance communication. Nurturing these relationships will drive up the open rates. Do not limit yourself by personalizing in one area of the viewers’ interests and needs.

4. Personalize With Personality: Everyone has a persona for each area of his or her life, whether it is business during work hours or casual during non-working hours, there is a persona. The best way to market is to know whom you are marketing. You may want to dig as deep as you possibly can to determine the decision maker in buying decisions. If the buyer portray multiple personas do not fret, you just may need to be more creative. Keeping track of explicit and implicit profiling when consumers enter data on your business website. Using the information gathered for a more specialized nurture. Using a Content Management System along with an automated marketing plan, creating personalized emails to contact the consumers. Personalizing these emails to each consumer’s persona to get the highest return rate causing the engagement rates to elevate and qualify more leads to nurture which in turn drives up revenue.

5. Nurture in a Special way: When setting up the automated nurture system it creates endless possibilities. Lead recycling and sales initiated nurture leads, and new consumer onboarding, to name a few channels of possibility. Nurture marketing is one of the most influential forms of marketing found commonly in automated marketing.  Providing your consumers with the best and most satisfying customer service experience, putting to great use the collected data. Be sure to provide excellent customer service while nurturing leads and the prospective client.

Cater to the consumer’s needs, interests, and challenges; take advantage of the available functionality of specialty drip nurture marketing tools. At your discretion, these tips are available for you to use and become advantageous when it come to effectively marketing to your consumers. This method may increase your lead base, which in turn will increase your revenue income. Happy Marketing.