Beatrice Perkins
Beatrice PerkinsFounder and President
Director, Brand Excitement, Inc.

Letter From Our Founder

Welcome to the Global Association of Women In Branding. I’ve been involved in branding, marketing and design for nearly 20 years and it has pained me to see how invisible and powerless women in our industry have been. When I first launched my agency, Brand Excitement, I had a very tough first year. In addition to experiencing the growing pains of being in business I found it nearly impossible to find women in our industry to help me guide and direct my path.

I signed up to work with a business coach to help me navigate the waters and 12 months and $20,000 later I still hadn’t gained understanding about the systems and team I needed to build a thriving agency. I was frustrated, in debt and against a wall. Fortunately, I was determined and focused and didn’t give up. That second year I exceeded my profit goals, got out of debt and joined the top 5% of revenue earners in America. Day by day I met women in branding at events, speaking from the stage, and working with friends and colleagues and I gained the resources and insight I needed to get out of debt, become profitable and thrive.

Now I’m on a mission to make sure we build the Global Association of Women in Branding to include brand strategists, brand managers, marketing consultants, graphic designers, web designers, social media strategists, stylists, videographers, copywriters,  planners and analysts. I spoke with other women in branding and instead of considering ourselves competitors we consider ourselves collaborators, and they were thrilled to contribute to our mission and purpose. As a collective, we have a stronger voice and influence and gain the power to achieve our biggest dreams. Ready to achieve yours?

The Global Association of Women In Branding is a for-profit organization created for women with specific leadership and support roles in the branding industry. It is the first of its kind. We’ve found that other organization, those for marketers, graphic designers, or advertisers, lack in the robust range of responsibilities for women in branding. The annual membership costs associated with these organizations do nothing more than add an extra line to an already impressive resume for its members. Our goal is to give you what you need and want: credibility and capability.

Being a for-profit association allows us the liberties to advance our service offerings and community climate as fast at technology pivots without being restricted by the standard protocols of other organizations. One such liberty is being able to offer free membership to our global members.

For women business owners we offer a platform to get noticed, get answers and move forward.

For employees we offer a community of mentorship and education.

Ready to join us? Hear what other members have said and why they joined.