The logo is an image that represents your business and conveys a message to the world about the type of business you deal with. You often use your logo and make your presence felt with its uniqueness in areas where there is a need for branding and advertisement. Logos are often coloured to make it look attractive. It acts as a virtual mascot representing your business to the world. For several businesses, no logos represent them but branding experts often suggest that having a logo makes your company look authentic thus letting the world take your business seriously.

Where to make use of the logo?
• Business stationery – Whether it is a large scale or a small scale business, it is essential to own company stationery such as letterheads, envelopes, invoices, business cards, etc. Having a logo on each one of them would make you bring out your presence to anyone who receives it. They would at once recognise that it belongs to your and thus bringing out your importance.
• Branding and advertisement – While you promote your business with the various aspects of branding and advertisement, it is necessary for you to place your logo along with the name of the company. While you print fliers, banners, signage, vehicle wraps, etc. and intend to advertise your business, your logo would fix the deal. While people look at your attractive logo, they would automatically find interest in the products and services that you provide them.
• Websites and e-mails – In modern times, it is something common for all business to own a website and having your business logo on your website would attract people to know more about what you do and thus make a formal mark on people’s minds. While you communicate with the world through e-mail, you could affix your logo to the mail to give a personalised effect.

Dos and don’t’s of using a logo

• While you own a logo, it is essential to have a copyright on it and ensure that no one else uses it especially your competitors. It gives a sense of uniqueness to what you have solely for yourself.
• Do not distribute your logo in the virtual or digital form. People may copy and modify to create duplicities and thus luring your valued customers and clients.
• Do not change your logo by adding colours or designs to it. Once you have made a copyright of it, you shouldn’t try and modify it by adding colours and shapes from time to time. People may get confused by what they see and not understand what the right logo for your business is.

The author Cathy Smith has had experiences with designing logos for her business and has relevant information on service providers for business logo design and logo design company in Melbourne.

by Cathy Smith

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