National Small Business Week is here

It's time to celebrate Small Business Week and the hard working leaders that drive our economy. Did you know less than 2% of businesses have more than 20 employees? Our country is driven by the small business owner. They're special... and they have a special mission to serve you in an amazing way. For starters...

5 Creative concepts your brand can learn from Prince, the artist formerly known as a branding genius

I've observed some inspiring, encouraging branding concepts about Prince's personal branding. I'm sure I've recognized them in previous years, but the past week has compelled me to put pen to paper for them. Out of many, here are 5 that I think are most beneficial to us in today's business climate...

Earth Day as a brand… and why it matters.

Nearly 200 countries across the globe celebrate Earth Day. Local governments and communities organize over 1 billion people to participate. How did this idea cause gain so much support and how do they keep the engine running? A look at Earth Day as a brand reveals much.

All You Need to Know About Business Logos Usage

The logo is an image that represents your business and conveys a message to the world about your brand personality. You often use your logo and make your presence felt with its uniqueness in areas where there is a need for branding and advertisement. It acts as a virtual mascot representing your business to the world. Branding with a logo makes your company look authentic thus letting the world take your business seriously.

5 Creative Ideas to Make Your Business Thank You Letters Unique

There are several ways to ensure that your letters stand out from the others. You just need to infuse a little bit of creativity in the designing and presentation of your thank-you letter. Making unique business thank you letters is not very difficult; here are five ideas that will help you write outstanding thank you letters.