10 minutes with: Beatrice Johnston, President of Women in Branding

Beatrice Johnston at officeOften we focus so much on the logistics of a brand that we neglect to get to know the people behind the scenes. Our 10 minutes with series asks the questions that give us deeper, and even sometimes frivolous, insight into the community […]

How Storytelling Can Connect You To Your Ideal Clients

As a business owner, you need to be able to connect with your ideal clients, the ones who are more than happy to pay your fees and who are looking (right now!) for someone exactly like you to help them.

The fact is, people want to see the real you. They want to be able connect […]

Authentic Branding for a Global Audience: Angela Ahrendts [VIDEO]

Angela Ahrendts and Christopher Bailey have transformed the way Burberry engages with the world, from its consumers to its associates, leveraging disruptive technology to share its pure brand vision through content-rich, compelling storytelling. Angela shares how brands can effectively target millennials and engage global audiences through digitally-led authentic and emotive storytelling.