[Video] A Glimpse Inside: Personal Branding for Military Servicewomen

It is rare that branding focuses on women in the military, and even rarer when the panel is a group of women themselves so I could not resist in sharing this discussion from the Business and Professional Women's Foundation.

Sally Hogshead on Knowing Your Value [VIDEO]

To often we assume that anyone listening to us will automatically know our value. Sally Hogshead will teach you why it's important to understand this simple concept: If you don't know your own value. Don't expect anyone else to.

Authentic Branding for a Global Audience: Angela Ahrendts [VIDEO]

Angela Ahrendts and Christopher Bailey have transformed the way Burberry engages with the world, from its consumers to its associates, leveraging disruptive technology to share its pure brand vision through content-rich, compelling storytelling. Angela shares how brands can effectively target millennials and engage global audiences through digitally-led authentic and emotive storytelling.