Social media has achieved a strong position and has powered the world in many ways that we could’ve never imagined before. Branding that’s effective yet subliminal when it’s made available to its targeted market can do wonders in marketing your brand. This advantage is not just limited to companies; it also applies to an individual item, a group or a single person.

Showcasing your Digital Presence

A great way when you’re showcasing your products, services and talent to the world or meeting new people telling them about your specialties. The social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google all help you to develop a particular space showing your digital presence and some even provide an interpretation of yourself.

When businesses use social media to promote their brand they get a much stronger response compared to just having a website. Small businesses must have a social media presence to grow at a faster pace. As the first notable difference they’d get to see is the large market share.

It’s not just the hype as the staggering figures indicate that social media websites contain the largest number of connections and command top attention from their user-base. Building real-life connections from networking with others has a lot of potential.

Brand Exposure through Social Networks

From a branding perspective you can say what you need to say about your brand and embrace your quirks! As consistent reputable information about brand credibility on current and future profiles, brand marketing is a long road and takes time and effort and when you’ve got a following from over 5 various social networks it becomes important for you to manage and maintain your online position.

For a successful brand marketing strategy through social networks check out the key features of each social media site and see which is the most suitable for your branding strategy follow these guidelines to help you navigate through some of the major social media sites on the web.

1 – Twitter

A micro-blogging service that enables users to send text and image based posts of up to 140 characters. Ability to quickly respond to clients and customers.

2 – Facebook

A large social network where people create profiles, business pages, exchange, messages and report status updates. Great for brand exposure and customer relations.

3 – YouTube

A video sharing website popular for user generated content, video clips and video blogging. One of the best venues to build your brand through video blogs and tutorials.

4 – Google+

A social network operated by Google with profiles, status updates, circles, handouts and sparks. Easy way to interact with clients and customers. Can be integrated with other Google applications.

5 – Tumbler

A micro-blogging and social network that allows users to post text, videos, images and share via re-blogging. Great platform to share content and links with a younger demographic of bloggers.

6 – Digg

A social news website which allows users to submit stories and vote them up or down. Gives brands the opportunity to gain a large amount of exposure

7 – Pinterest

Pinterest is one of today’s best social networks that can be used to market your product or service and as they say every brand has a story to tell and if it’s done via compelling pictures it will help you do a lot more with its strong visual content. To share your story through this medium having engaged and active audience, Pinterest’s visual marketing has great potential as its ultra-hot social media site makes photos center stage with sharing being the main reason for its popularity. While some marketers have been quick to incorporate Pinterest as an important marketing tool which drives targeted engagement, there are still some companies out there who can do more to harness the power of Pinterest by utilizing its visual storytelling!

8 – Reddit

Reddit is a content marketing platform that is capable enough to create a bond of trust between the brand and the audience which helps the business in positive manner as the sharing of creative content for a digital-centric world can attract considerable attention of a bigger audience which can result in increased sales.

9 – StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon has achieved a good position among the top 10 social media networks. Best known for sharing related content which interests users. Helps in brand development, more traffic and new inbound links.


From a branding perspective Facebook, YouTube and Digg are the most integral social media sites that can help you market your brand to great levels as from these platforms you can reach your desired reach and appropriately designed content on these mediums will have a very lasting impression resulting in an overall brand promotion. Nevertheless, there is still much more you’ve got to incorporate in your social media branding campaign.

The following points can help you configure a really practical and successful brand marketing campaign on social networks.

How to keep the information interesting?

Firstly ask yourself what people need to know about you?

What kind of information would you wish to find on others profiles?

By doing what can you best show yourself to someone new?

Social media has been able to engage people and markets from around the world with newer capabilities. Social media has become the most critical component in establishing customer relationships and brands do get a great opportunity to exploit it for their benefit as it’s these strong and weak ties that provide groups, individuals or companies with competitive advantages.

The bottom-line is that actively participate through these social networks. It depends on the response frequency so if you’re finding Twitter a more responsive platform then simply keep tweeting. The experience has to be memorable you’ve got to show the masses that your profile really stands out. However, it’s important for marketers to take into consideration that all social media communications have to remain relevant, should be persistent, consistent and authentic to inspire the interest of their target market and more. The feedback received will also be positive, helping the company and its brand to get more competitive advantage but it’s important to also consider the fact that social networks just offer a means to an end and not an end in and of itself! Bridging the gap between customers and brands invokes brand loyalty and customers build relationships with brands faster based on close interactions, it’s the satisfied customers and marketers who together build and maintain brands.