No Time For MistakesEver wonder if the name your client wants to use for their company or product or service name has been used before? Perhaps they are rebranding, or launching a new service, or marketing an event and need something unique to communicate their idea. It’s important to take their name through comprehensive analysis so that you don’t have any unfortunate surprises before it’s too late.

Before you start the work of branding and marketing the new big idea you need to vet the proposed name to make sure of a few things:

1) Make sure the name isn’t currently taken, or being used in a similar way in your industry, so that you have true leverage for the event (and don’t get sued!)

2) Make sure the name hasn’t been through a brand crisis in recent history. You want to ensure that you don’t launch your big idea and find out that another company did the same thing with dire consequences (or worse, that brand had such a big crisis the name is permanently tainted to the consumer)

3) Make sure the name is one that is more than a one-hit wonder. Names with dates, trends and pop culture will have a very finite life span and leave you and your client grasping for straws for the next round.

Important research, such as trademark infringement, domain history analysis and cultural connotations must be done before you can give your stamp of approval for a rebrand or extension. Make this the first critical step in your protocol and you will have the success your hard work deserves.