It’s small business week and we’d be amiss if we didn’t take time to celebrate the contributions that women like you, make across the country. A few years ago I was privileged to be accepted into the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. It was 5 intense months with about a dozen women, all focused on catapulting their businesses in the coming 5 years. As I look at some of the goals I set out to achieve then I am delighted that my results are right on track.

In that class I learned how valuable small businesses are to our local and national economy.

For instance:

  • Less than 2% of businesses have more than 20 employees.
  • 78% of businesses have NO employees
  • Firms with 2-20 employees account for 20% of the economy here in the U.S.
  • Firms with less than 20 employees drive over 95% of our economy.

These are the job creators. This is why Small Business Week Matters!

Growing up, as we think of getting that first job after school we imagine ourselves getting a job with a major company. For me, it was McDonalds. After that, it was Illinois Bell Telephone company. I would go on to work with the 2% companies for the next 15 years. It wasn’t until I left my job as a Creative Services Project Manager at UBS that I realized there was a different force driving the economy. That glimpse of the small business lifestyle is what incubated me towards Brand Excitement and launch a community for women in branding.

Does that inspire you?

Look around for online and in person events for Small Business Week. It’s a great time to connect with other small business owners in your community and is a great boost to your relationships during this time of the year, when the weather is changing.

You can start by listening in on one of the teleclasses from our vault, Launch your brand.

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Are you participating in any Small Business Week events in your region? Share them with us in the comments below.