The best resources are those that reduce your time on task so that you can have better efficiency and serve a greater audience. Whether you need training materials for your staff or simply want documentation to streamline the work you do so well, we have you covered.

Below please find two of our most popular resources.


30-Day Launch Formula

This is the most robust and affordable program on helping your clients quickly launch their business and putting new or existing companies on the radar. The program offers three tiers AND CONTENT to help launch a brand.

A typical brand launch can cost a company anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Expect an exponential return on your investment.

As a bonus it also includes one of our most popular audio classes, with a New York City event planner.

Member Investment: $147 $97

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The Bankable Branding Bootcamp and Toolkit

If you want to develop a brand from soup to nuts in a way that delivers instant visibility and opportunities for your clients (or yourself), you’ll want the Bankable Branding Bootcamp. Learn more about the worksheets, templates, presentations, samples, forms and checklists you’ll get in this course.

Investment: $497