Beatrice JohnstonWhy a network of Women in Branding? With all of the gaps in the marketplace I don’t think I’ve seen a bigger one than exists for us. When I started my business, Brand Excitement, back in 2010, everything I did was by trial and error. There was no one in my industry that could give me the insight and information I needed to strengthen my business straight out the gate. No one to advise me on the current landscape, what was working, what wasn’t and how to navigate.

I hired coaches (many of them) whose fees ranged anywhere from $1200 – $20,000 and none of them were able to get my past my sticking point. None of them knew the intricacies of our industry, how strategy and design and implementation all work hand in hand to move our businesses forward and how very time-intensive and production heavy it could all be. None of them could advise me on how to build my team, whether virtually or locally, and as a result I found myself spending a lot of time spinning the wheel trying to get somewhere.

It was a slow climb, but eventually I got there, and I didn’t get there alone. Over the course of a few years I met enough women in branding, through events, partnerships and referrals, to gain the insight I needed and as I did I realized that a network HAD to form.

Initially I thought, Why me? I’m busy. Things are good now. I’m growing. There’s no time for this. But the entire time I know I was being led by God to take the reigns and just do it. So, I have. Here it is.

As we gather and connect this organization will change and mold to be what serves us best.

Are you ready? Share your thoughts on what you’d like to see us achieve as Women in Branding.